Ryan McKasson

A fiddler with roots in Scotland, Ireland, America, Canada, and his own soul.



I'm in a few different bands. Below you'll find a short description and a link to their websites and/or Facebook Pages.


Mckasson & mcdonald

This is a duo with myself (Ryan McKasson) and my good friend Eric McDonald.  Love playing with this guy. Just such a tasty player and singer. Also, I really enjoy playing these epic old ballads he sings...gives me a chance to create these interesting emotional tapestries behind song, instead of just pounding out a tune (which is also totally fun). It's just something different for me that I very much love - besides the fact the Eric is such an awesome human being.

We both have the great pleasure of being joined by one my musical heroes, Jeremiah McLane (accordian, piano, vocals), on our upcoming album and on many of the our tours.

Eric and I are in the midst of our Kickstarter campaign. Be sure to check us out on Facebook.


MAC is, at its core, part the natural progression of Celtic music as it has worked away into the American consciousness. McKasson, Alexander, and Cotter are all three well-versed in the Celtic music tradition, and the music that they write and perform is steeped heavily in this timeless tradition while calling upon influences ranging from rock to classical. Their performances reveal fiery personas tempered with artistry, finesse, and virtuosity as they draw from a deep well of innovative original music and lush arrangements of traditional songs and tunes.

You can check out our website or visit us on Facebook.


The Syncopaths

Four of my best friends! We just happen to be in a band together that is my longest running project (14 years!). We're mostly a contra dance band but we also do a few concerts here and there. We've got two terrific CD's. Check out website, and visit us on Facebook.


Ensemble Galilei

We've Partnered with the National Geographic and Metropolitan Museum of Art, and performed at the MET and National Gallery...this band has got it! From multi-media to straight music performances, the eclectic sounds and subjects are always thrilling.

Check out our website and visit us on Facebook.


Contra Sutra

This is my only local contra band. With my friends Dave Bartley (guitar) and Marni Rachmiel (flute, saxophone, vocals), this group has had great fun at some epic dances and contra weekends. There is something incredibly electric with us and I've never been able to put my finger on exactly what it is...but I thirst for it.

You can check us out on Facebook.

The Mckassons

Oh how I miss'em. This is how it all got started for me. My sister, Cali McKasson-Kovin (piano and vocals), my wife, Brooke McKasson (guitar and vocals), my wife's brother, Matt Jerrell (drums and vocals) and myself (fiddle and vocals). This was a dream band...and we just happen to be related. Love these guys! (BTW, there may be another album in the not too distant future...yay!!).

I you want to contact this band, you're actually in the right place, at least for now. For bookings, just contact me (Ryan McKasson) directly - though I should warn that we are not cheap...all the baby sitters!!